Healthcare is Already Fixed

Thousands of employers are already using some or all of the strategies and programs below to provide better care for their employees while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%.

How?  By focusing on three major goals. 

Reducing costs 

Organizations that implement the benefit strategies below sustainably outperform the status quo.

Improving quality of care

Keep people healthier and safer. Things like no deductibles on major procedures and unlimited, free primary care.

Better experiences for all

Improve the experience and increase satisfaction for patients, caregivers, families, clinicians, and others.

The components of a high performing plan

Value-Based Primary Care

Properly incentivized primary care is the front line defense against downstream costs. 

Care Navigation and Guidance

Healthcare is complex, employees need access to trusted, aligned resources to get them the highest quality care.

Independent, Active Plan Admin & Oversight

We deeply optimize spend in every other area. Why not health benefits? Independent and ongoing oversight is critical.

Transparent Open Networks

Cost and quality are often inversely correlated in healthcare. Focusing on outcomes and known prices is the path to lower costs. 

Referenced Based Pricing and Hospital Bill Auditing

Hospital charges are paid based on a reference point, usually Medicare, of actual cost.  Audits of hospital bills are necessary to prevent errors and overpayments.

Transparent Pharmacy Benefits

Purchasers need true transparency, the facts & data to control decision making. 

Major Specialties & Outlier Patients

Cardiometabolic, musculoskeletal, and cancer. Catch it early, avoid unnecessary procedures, and get to high-quality providers when needed.

High-Performance Plan Design & Risk Management

The right foundation of plan design, incentives, documents, and risk management is critical.

Transparent, Aligned Advisors

The benefits purchasing process should be transparent, based on disclosure, and aligned financial incentives. 


Read what our clients have to say

Metal Products Company.

"Our company has saved tens of thousands of dollars.  Their strategies have made it easy and hassle free.  We can now offer benefits that WE want, not what the insurance company suggests.

Northeast Senior Facility Network

"After partnering we quickly recognized the savings and were able to increase headcount by 7% and ultimately lower overall Plan costs by 36%. This translated into a 22% increase in EBIDTA year one. "

Let us help you put together a plan that is truly a benefit to your employees and your business.